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Deo’s Cashmere Professional 1lt

39.28 sis. KM

Essence with ylang-ylang and cashmere fragrance for laundry and dry-cleaning. A few drops are enough to obtain an intense and long-lasting scent that resist to drying cycles.

  • Intense fragrance
  • Professional high concentration of fragrance
  • Compatible with all kinds of detergents and softeners
  • Compatible with both laundry and dry-cleaning (Perchloroethylene)
  • It does not stain the fabrics
  • Resistant to drying
  • Phosphate free

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Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

Additional information

Weight 1.14 kg

How to use

LAUNDRY: Deo’s has to be used in the last rinse, with a limited water level.

Quantity for use: 1 – 3 ml of Deo’s per Kg of dry clothes, considering the machine always fully loaded.

DRY-CLEANING: Deo’s has to be used with the machine fully loaded, preferably in the second bath, dosing it in the button trap or with automatic dosing.

Continuous distillation: 2 – 3 ml of Deo’s per Kg of clothes

Manual distillation: 3 ml of Deo’s per kg of clothes in the first wash with clean solvent. 1 ml per Kg of clothes in the next washes without distillation.