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Grandimpianti GD Wavy Dryer GD350 (17,5kg)

Our new tumble dryers GD Wavy have a completely new design and user interface, while keeping all the mechanical qualities, functionality and performance of the other grandimpianti machines. Here, aesthetics and efficiency are combined with new trends and technology: the LCD display now is vertical and touchscreen, the new glossy front are inspired by hi-tech and give preciousness to the equipment, the innovative control system Wavy, finally, is simple, interactive, multi-level and always up to date thanks to the Cloud service.

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    Eco-friendly drying machines

    Our new professional tumble dryers are available with three types of heating (gas, electric or steam) and offer a recyclability rate of 92%. Thanks to the drying diagram, adapts itself to the variations of the laundry weight: the device requires about 1 kW per kg of laundry, with a very low environmental impact. Thanks to the two-stage heating(standard on gas models) which starts automatically when the selected temperature is reached, the dryer consumes only the energy needed.

    Finally, to minimize the heat dispersions and offer an effective drying process, it has been reduced the space between tub and drum, the drum has been isolated inside a ceramic fiber tank and its bottom has made of printed material. So, GD Wavy offers maximum thermal efficiency, optimised airflow path and low noise impact.


    Effective and reliable tumble dryers

    INCOLOY® steel heating systems prevent the deposit of fluff, titanium burners that withstand high temperatures and an effective extractor system guarantee a high and constant efficiency. The dryers GD Wavy, also, have a strongly isolated ceramic tank to minimise the heat dispersions: the hot air follows a linear way passing through the laundry, without unnecessary paths, to have an optimal thermal efficiency. Finally, these dryers have powerful fan, placed inside an  innovative spiral, able to ensure a fast, smooth and quiet air outflow.

    The safest solution for the best drying

    In addition to the sensor of drum rotation, that stops the heating when the drum doesn’t turn, these new professional dryers, as well as the other Grandimpianti machines, offer double safety systems and redundant alarm circuits, such as on airplanes.

    The safety is further increased by different anti-overheating solutions, really useful in case of gas dryers. Everything is certified according to the strictest international standards.

    Ergonomic drying machines

    The door opens up to 180° and is ergonomically positioned to simplify the loading/unloading of the laundry: due to its height the trolley could be placed directly in front of the equipment. Drum and air conducts, then, are thermally insulated to reduce the heat dispersion while the tempered glass porthole, the external panels and the drain ducts are always cold: this means a safer and more comfortable environment. The dryer, finally, it also guarantees a low noise impact: only 54dB.

    Smart drying process

    The newness of GD Wavy dryers is the brain, the new Wavy control system, and the innovative Cloud service. Wavy is a user friendly, interactive and touchscreen interface that provides information about the machine’s functionality and programming, according to the user’s experience. The procedures are simple, Step-by-Step and everything is dosed on the users (basic, intermediate, professional, technical).

    Thanks to TheMind.cloud service the equipment is always up to date and everything is under control: know-how, processes and diagrams, control and monitoring of functions, diagnostics, no-tax accounting and costs management are always just a click away.

    Technical Data

    MODEL GD350
    Most used languages JES
    Capacity ratio 1:25 / 1:20 / 1:18 (kg) 14 / 17,5 / 19,5
    Drum volume (L) 350
    Inversion / variation in speed, drum STAINLESS STEEL JES
    Noise level (dB) ˂55
    Control / display Wavy / LCD touchscreen
    Number of programs Piiramatu
    Cloud access and remote maintenance over Wifi JES
    Air filtering mode STAINLESS STEEL mesh
    Suction power (m3/h) 900
    Flue discharge (mm) 150
    Motor power with inversion (kW) vacuum/drum 0,75 / 0,37
    Electric power (kW) 10,5/15
    Gas power (kW) 13-18
    Steam power (kW) 15
    Power supply
    Weight (kg) 225
    Porthole diameter (mm) 612
    Dimensions (mm) 795 x 1085 x 1590
    The nominal load capacity was calculated in accordance with ISO 9398 which provides for the loading of dry terry cotton fabric weighing 420g/m2 and measuring 60cm x 90cm. Data referred to the machine loaded with laundry of the previous * washed and spun with a maximum residual moisture of 50%.
    Evaporation capacity (l/h) 9,76
    Power consumption (kWh) 9,75
    Cycle duration (min) 43
    Evaporation capacity (l/h) 12
    Power consumption (kWh) 0,5
    Cycle duration (min) 35
    Evaporation capacity (l/h) 9,76
    Power consumption (kWh) 0,5
    Cycle duration (min) 43