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HYGIENE BOMB Detergent Fresh 6x750ml

Hygienising detergent for both whites and colours. It eliminates dirt and residues hidden between the fibres, giving garments an unmatched fragrance of freshness.

  • Hygienising action
  • High concentration of surfactants to emulsify dirt and lipids
  • It contains an active ingredient that guarantees deep and long-lasting cleanliness and hygiene
  • Delicate on colours and fabrics
  • Enzymatic formula for a professional stain removal action
  • Nickel and Chrome Tested (Nickel <0.001% – Chrome <0.001%)
  • No animal testing


Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

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Weight 4.89 kg

How to use

Suitable for all natural and synthetic types of fabrics both for hand washing and machine washing.