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HYGIENE BOMB Spray Parfum Free 12x400ml

Professional spray, for fabrics and surfaces, with a special hygienising formula and with alcohol without fragrance.

  • High concentration of alcohol
  • Liquid formulation with over 80% alcohol (excluding propellant)
  • Dual active ingredients for a deep and long-lasting hygienising action
  • Cleaning and hygiene with a single product
  • No need to rinse after use on hard surface, just wipe if necessary
  • Without fragrance, ideal for clothing shops
  • Neutral product, safe on all types fabrics


Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

Additional information

Weight 3.936 kg

How to use

Shake well before use and spray evenly at a distance of 30-40 cm.

Warning: On surfaces and garments it is recommended to test the product before on a hidden part and check colour fastness.

It is recommended to check the material compatibility with alcohol.