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Industrial washing machine Grandimpianti GWH600

Our new professional GWH 350-450-600 Wavy washing machines  are completely renovated in the design and the user interface, but quality, mechanical features and performance are always the same.

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    A new era in the high capacity laundry equipment!

    Now the LCD display is vertical and touchscreen, the shiny fronts are inspired by the hi-tech field and give preciousness to the equipment and, finally, the innovative control system Wavy is simple, interactive, multi-level and up to date thanks to the TheMind.cloud service.

    Eco-friendly industrial washing machines

    These new high-spin washing machines are standard equipped with our manual weighing system MWS which allows to save up to 50% of detergents: optimizing energy, water and detergents according to the real amount of laundry loaded, the system is in able to reduce waste and environmental impact.

    These eco-friendly washing machines ensure an enormous water savings! The second discharging valve, indeed, allows to divert the water into a recovery tank instead of directly into the sewer system. The water can be used later for other washing programs. This and other technological solutions create the perfect combination between high quality standards, energy savings and reduced operating costs.

    The solidity of the experience

    The structure of these energy saving washers are particularly strong and suited to the intensive work. The motor, located near to the bottom, keeps the barycenter near to the ground, reducing the vibrations and the noise level during the spin cycle.

    The inverter technology, then, allows soft starts and delays while preserving the linen and minimizing mechanical stress. In their maximum configuration (GWH600) these industrial washing machines are used to treat up to 420÷450 kg of laundry per day (7 cycles in 8 hours).

    High standard of cleanliness and hygiene

    Since GWH350 model our industrial washing machines are equipped with the set up for the connection to 5 dosing pumps for liquid detergents. On request they can be supplied with up to 14 soap pumps connection and, eventually, even the pumps.

    The soap dispenser (always included) is equipped with 5 compartments(1 liter capacity each) for liquid or powder detergent.

    Safety is a standard for us

    The 3D Electronic Balance Detector is an innovative solution standard on the GWH machines, which prevents the excessively unbalanced spinning phases, preserving the mechanical parts and guaranteeing a long life of the components.

    Always the maximum control

    The revolution of the new range of GWH 350-450-600 Wavy is the brain of the machine, the new control system named Wavy, and the innovative TheMind.cloud service. Wavy is a user friendly, interactive and touchscreen interface that provides information about the programming and the operating of the machine according to the users experience. Procedures are simple, Step-by-Step and everything is dosed on the users (beginners/occasional, expert/professional, technical).

    Due to the TheMind service the equipment is always up to date and everything is under control: know-how, processes and diagrams, control and diagnostics, no tax accounting, costs management and telecare service. Everything is just a click away!


    • Drum speed electronically managed (inverter), with control of drum rotation by sensor.
    • Redundant securities tested by certified laboratory.
    • Machine frame projected to fix the machine without moving it.
    • Ready for 5 liquid detergent inlets
    • Dispenser with 5 compartments ergonomically placed.
    • Drum door opening 180°: easy loading and unloading process placing a trolley against the machine.
    • Easy and quick maintenance: ergonomic position of internal components easy to be reached.
    • Manual weighing system.
    • Electronic control Wavy®: user interface adaptable to user needs and skills; unlimited possibility to create and customize programs. Possibility to record all working data.
    • 3 water inlets standard featured: hot, hard cold, soft cold, automatically managed and mixed by Wavy®.
    • 2 Discharge pipes 3” with 90° bend and 3 water loading pipes 1″ Standard featured.



    Cold and hot water heating; no heaters. Alternative heating powers and voltages.

    Card to control up to 14 liquid soap pumps:

    Liquid soap pumps kit: Wavy® doses products assuring the right concentration: no waste.

    Technical Data

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