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Industrial washing machine Grandimpianti GWN180

Our new heavy-duty washers GWM / GWN Wavy are completely renovated in design and user interface, but maintain the usual quality, mechanical features and performances of grandimpianti equipment. These medium and low spin-speed washing systems combine aesthetics and efficiency, new trends and technology: the LCD display is vertical and touchscreen, the new glossy fronts are inspired by the hi-tech, and Wavy, the innovative control system, is interactive, step-by-step, intuitive and always connected, thanks to the Cloud service.

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    Eco-friendly and recyclable washers

    These new washing solutions are equipped with our dynamic weighing system DWS, which saves up to 50% of detergents: optimizing the consumption of energy, water and detergents, depending on the real amount of laundry loaded, DWS is able to reduce waste and environmental impact.

    GWM/GWN Wavy line also guarantees 96% recyclability and for this reason can be defined eco-friendly. Our new heavy-duty washers, thanks to the careful design and the selection of materials, respect the environment from A to Z (production, packaing, carry, operation, disposal).

    New loading capacities

    Our new equipment use a different reference system of load capacity, the drum volume instead of the kilograms: 75-105-135 liters for GWM and 180-240-280 for GWN. Unchanged, however, is the quality of the materials: stainless steel drum with a special hemispheres structure that ensures a gentle touch on the tissues and prevents the rebound of water during the spin cycle, rigid, solid and sturdy frame, no springs or shock absorbers. This means a reduction of wear and maintenance, as well as excellent quietness. Thank finally, to the ground anchoring solution these heavy-duty washing machines are perfect for ships, ferries and small cargo ships.

    Professional hygiene and cleanliness

    Placed in an ergonomic position and equipped with a dual inlet for the cold and hot water, the 4 compartments dispenser is perfect for both powder and liquid detergents: the correct water flow, according to the washing temperature selected, is always guaranteed. These heavy-duty washing machines are also equipped with three inlets for hot, cold freashwater and hard water: these types of water are mixed autonomously and automatically.

    These new washing systems are, of course, equipped with a MIXER that combines water and detergent before the contact with the fabrics to prevent damages or discoloration. Finally, the motorized discharge valve, diameter from 3 “(76 mm), is located on the front of the machine, for a quick and easy maintenance, and directly under the tub: is no longer required a long and bulky tube, avoiding any water and detergent sedimentation

    High and safety performance

    GWM /GWN WAVY are equipped with double and redundant alarm circuits, such as on airplanes, including the lock of the porthole, which is equipped with a safety system that keeps it closed and locked until the complete stop of drum rotation. Inside the equipment, all the control circuits are low voltage (24VAC): no problem due to any sudden changes in voltage (the electric network is different) and no risk of electric shock in case of maintenance. Finally, the machines are equipped with switch and fuses on board with a considerable saving of time and money in the installation phase.

    Innovation has a name: Wavy!

    The great revolution in these machines is the brain, the new Wavy electronic control and the innovative Cloud service. Wavy is a user friendly, interactive and touchscreen interface, that provides information about the machine operation, according to the users experience (basic, intermediate, professional and technical).

    Furthermore, thanks to TheMind.cloud service, it’s possosible manage the equipment remotely everywhere, anytime! Know-how, processes and diagrams, control, monitoring, diagnostics, no-tax accounting, costs, and also telecare, are just a click away!

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