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Activ Power Fresh 10kg (pesuvahend keemilisele masinale)

127.37 sis. KM

Dry cleaning detergent with a regenerating and refreshing action.

  • High cleaning power, ideal for very dirty garments
  • High efficacy of non-greasy stains
  • Prevent the reabsorption of soil and greying
  • “Freshness effect”, restores and deodorizes fibres
  • Neutral on colours
  • Ideal for all kind of garments
  • Doesn’t create foam into the distiller
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Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

Additional information

Weight 10.26 kg

How to use

Activ Power Fresh is used with machine fully loaded, during the 1st bath, dosing it into the bottom trap or with automatic dosage.


Continuous distillation: 8 – 10 ml of Activ Power Fresh per Kg of dry garments

Manual distillation: 15 ml of Activ Power Fresh per kg of dry garments during the 1st wash with clean perc. 3 ml per Kg of dry garments during the washes without distillation