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Air Essence – Muschio Bianco 750ml

Multifunctional air essence with white musk fragrance to perfume and clean.

  • Ideal both for small spaces and big places
  • It cleans, removes dust and increases the power and scent of floor detergents
  • Pleasant and long-lasting fragrances
  • High concentration of scented essences
  • A small quantity is enough for a perfume that lasts a day


Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

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Weight 0.76 kg

How to use

Air Therapy: A small quantity is enough to fill a home with scent. It can be used in the corners of a home, in the humidifiers, on the filter of vacuum cleaners, wherever a scent is desirable. It is a combination of exquisite and long-lasting perfumes.

Odour control: Its special formula controls and eliminates unpleasant odours. It can be used in the corners of a home, in the dustbin, in the bathroom or where there is an unpleasant smell.

Scent booster: It increases the cleaning power and the perfume of floor detergents. Spray 2-3 times in a 5 litre bucket. Ideal to clean all surfaces.

Dust remover: It can be used to eliminate the dust on surfaces. Spray once or twice on a cloth and wipe surfaces.

Warning: do not spray on fabrics or furnishing textiles. The product could stain.