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Piatti Expert

45.7454.10 sis. KM

Ultra-concentrated gel detergent with anti-odour action to wash dishes by hand.

  • High concentration of active ingredient for a super-degreasing effect.
  • Physiological pH and lanolin to take care of sensitive skin.
  • Enzymes to remove even the most stubborn dirt.
  • Gel formula to avoid waste.
  • Caribbean lime for an anti-odour scenting action.
  • A teaspoon is enough.


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How to use

Hygienfresh® Piatti Expert should be used by dosing it directly on the sponge and then washing the dishes. A small strip of gel is enough to wash more than 50 dishes. For stubborn dirt apply the product directly on the dish and leave it act for some minutes. To accelerate its action add 20-30 ml of hot water.

Warning: In case of freezing of the product for long periods of time, take it to the temperature of normal storage (20-25°C) to defrost and then shake it for some seconds.