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14.69136.18 sis. KM

Ready to use enzymatic spotting agent and odour absorber for laundry and dry cleaning.

  • It neutralizes bad odours of urine and sweat
  • It eliminates yellowing without leaving streaks
  • Neutral on colours
  • Ideal for any kind of garment
  • It doesn’t create foam into the distillation unit
  • It contains enzymes for a deep stain removal


Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

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How to use

TogliSudore is used pure, spraying it onto dirty parts of the garment, before wash. Use a brush if necessary. It is recommended to leave the product act for ten minutes folding the garment on itself to avoid the evaporation of active principles. It can be used also in perc. It is recommended to dry the garment after use.

Warning: Test the product on a hidden part of the garment, before use