Aurumannekeen TREVIFORM

Tensioning form finisher for jackets, coats and similar. Allows to dramatically increase productivity as manual operation is limited to few touch ups of lining and details.

Standard “anti stretch” device that forms the shape of the garment without it overstretching.

The form is available in two sizes: regular and narrow. Both of them are available for both versions of the Treviform (with boiler or without boiler).


The Treviform tensioning form finisher is the top-quality choice for jackets and coats. An accurate tensioning system guarantees superior quality of finishes, reducing touch-ups to a minimum, for high productivity without compromises on quality.


The machine is comfortable to use and simple for any operators to run.

The TreviTouch touch screen control panel facilitates use especially through the Smart interface that allows you to control all movements of the machine very quickly.

The machine is activated by means of a single pedal.

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