Särgimannekeen TREVISTAR CR3

Trevistar CR3 is the latest generation of blown air shirt finisher by Trevil, fruit of two decades of experience in automatic shirt finishing.

The new Trevistar CR3 is equipped with the exclusive SideDry system. The SideDry device is an absolute innovation by Trevil. Not only does it provide vertical tension to the side seams, but it also conveys hot air on them, for faster drying. The result is a perfectly dry shirt, in less time.

The Trevistar CR3 does not require skilled personnel. Any operator can learn how to use it in a few days.

The intuitive TreviTouch touch-screen interface and the ergonomically optimized work position make the Trevistar CR3 extremely easy and comfortable to use.

The main features of the Trevistar CR3 are:

  • Possibility to adjust the angle between the sleeve and the form.
  • Sleeve tensioning arms with anti-stretch control – this feature provides just the right amount of tension to the sleeve; it prevents distortion of the shirt front and preserves delicate fabric.
  • Adjustable shoulder width. This feature is important to achieve a perfect finish around the armhole without wrinkles on large shirts and with no shoulder impression on smaller ones.
  • Five-clamps tensioning carriage for perfect and even tensioning around the shirt hem.
  • Heated front clamp that presses the front placket.
  • Side expanders with anti-stretch control to expand the hem without deformation.
  • Hood that conveys hot air on shoulder and yoke seams, to shorten the drying time.
  • Economizer for energy saving and faster overall drying, thanks to hotter air.
  • Short sleeve clamps and cuff placket dryers for long sleeves are included in the standard configuration.

The Trevistar CR3 can be equipped with an optional mini-iron for touch-ups.

The console is ready for wired or wireless connection to the network. The IronNet software, available as an option, allows to share programs and performance data with the machine.

Real productivity: 40-50 shirts per hour.


It is not enough to consider only the cycle time. One must add operator time, that is the time that the operator takes to dress and undress the form, plus the time spent for any touch ups. If the quality of automatic finishing does not allow for the shirt to be delivered straight off the machine, a touch up requiring several minutes may be necessary.

With Trevil, the automation in shirt finishing is reaching high standards of excellence. Our goal is to obtain an impeccably ironed shirts while avoiding manual touch-ups that would negatively affect hourly production.

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