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About us

My name is Risto and I have been engaged in the field of textiles my whole life. I have founded, developed and sold my share in a laundry. In 2013, I graduated from Keuda Vocational School in Finland in the specialty of textile care. In the same year I felt ready for founding my own company, where I am the sole shareholder. Until 2021, the company was called Kaupleja OÜ, but we reconsidered our business strategy and changed our brand to Lavanno.


Offering an excellent full service requires a great team, right attitude, high-quality products and good clients. We are working towards that goal on a daily basis. We are invested in our work and we are happy to make the life of our clients easier, cleaner and more efficient, while affecting the environment as little as possible.


We focus on B2B business clients, providing them with full service – we design and furnish laundries, dry cleaners, industrial enterprises, kindergartens, nursing homes, offering them laundry equipment, detergents, consultations and maintenance service. A good service requires flexibility, which means wide selection of suppliers.

Over the time, there has been an increase in the share of private clients, because high-quality products are made available in smaller quantities. I used the products sold by Lavanno for washing the clothes of my new-born twins who had to stay in an incubator for a while, because I knew these products were so gentle they were suitable even for infants. Thus, I have made a selection of products for domestic use, which includes detergents that are gentle and hypoallergenic.


Our cooperation partners include only valued suppliers who have proven their worth and offer not only high-quality laundry equipment, but also after-sales service. We maintain an adequate supply of spare parts and accessories in our Tallinn warehouse in order to provide efficient maintenance service.


We appreciate cleanliness, reliability, longevity, commitment, politeness, helpfulness and professionality in any kind of cooperation.

Contact me if you are interested in cooperation or want to join our team.

Risto Pranno, Owner and Manager of Lavanno

We help laundries and other organisations to introduce automated laundry processes in a environmentally friendly way by using modern laundry equipment and detergents. Comprehensive and measurable overview of efficient use of resources ensures good results and reduced costs.


We want to be a helpful, professional and reliable partner who helps you to reach your goals.

  • Cleanliness
  • Reliability, long-term cooperation
  • Commitment
  • Politeness, friendly communication and helpfulness
  • Focusing on finding solutions
  • Professionality