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BÖWE Dry-cleaning machines and Laundry solutions.

70 years Competence & Quality BÖWE’s innovative ideas and continuous development have ensured the company’s excellent reputation throughout the world.

Today BÖWE delivers high quality PERC and MULTISOLVENT® dry cleaning machines to the world.

BÖWE’s history – located in the Black Forest in Germany – started in 1945 with the foundation of the company by Max Böhler and Ferdinand Weber after the end of the Second World War. As a supplier for several companies they had the idea of developing dry cleaning machines. Five years later Böhler and Weber presented the first dry cleaning machine for garments. That was the beginning of a success story and today BÖWE delivers innovative and high quality machines to the market throughout the world.

Get the benefit out of dry cleaning machines with over 70 years experience.

böwe puhastusmasinad

BÖWE Premium Line.

When developing the PremiumLine, BÖWE primarily had one issue in mind: The limited space in dry cleaning shops. Therefore, a SlimLine (12 kg, 15 kg and 18 kg) and a CrossLine machine version (12 kg, 15 kg, 18 kg, 21 kg, 26 kg and 30 kg) are available so that customers can choose the best configuration for their shop. With an insertion width of 935 mm and an insertion height of less than 2000 mm, the BÖWE SlimLine machine fits through almost any entrance door.

BÖWE PREMIUMLINE MACHINES are available in Perc and Multisolvent® versions. Easy installation, compact design and compatibility with the requirements of strict environmental regulations.

READY FOR VARIOUS KINDS OF USE. The machines are designed as 3-tank machines, with an optional second Eco-filter and an additional carbon filter. Thus, you are extremely flexible, especially when cleaning different types of garments.

böwe pesumasinad premium line
böwe pesumasinad premium line

Maintenance made easy with IMS.

All PremiumLine machines and models are equipped with IMS – Interactive Maintenance System. This is a selection of automatic maintenance programs as well as two additional multi-maintenance programs that bundle maintenance steps and intelligently run simultaneously. The machine shows when maintenance is required for example: distillation, spin filter, Slimsorba, active carbon unit, water separator, post water separator and tanks. In addition to that, certain maintenance cycles such as filter maintenance are performed without any manual interference. However, you do not have to worry about losing control over your machine. The machine only provides suggestions, but you decide when maintenance is performed.


With the P2M-kit, a BÖWE PERC machine can be converted to a BÖWE Multisolvent® machine.

  • Hydro Carbon (HC)
  • Silicone GreenEarth®, D5
  • Solvon K4
  • HiGlo
  • Intense
  • GenX
  • Sensene

Further convincing technology

BÖWE dry cleaning machines, technologically and functionally sophisticated.



When developing the iLine, BÖWE primarily had one issue in mind: The often limited space in dry cleaning shops. All machines are available as SlimLine and as WideLine, so you can use your individual space optimally and do not have to compromise on quality and function.
This is what makes the BÖWE iLine so special: flexibility and quality in the smallest of spaces. With a height of 2,050 mm, the machine fits through every standard door.

BÖWE iLine machines with loading capacities from 12-18 kg are available in PERC and MULTISOLVENT® versions. Easy installation, compact design, comply with the strict environmental regulations for the operation of the machines.

Ready for various kinds of use
Good reasons for the iLine when cleaning a wide variety of textiles: The machines are designed in a 3-tank-version and are optionally equipped with two Eco-filters and an additional carbon filter.

BÖWE I-Line.

With the new iLine series, BÖWE sets a new standard as a leading supplier of dry cleaning machines. By combining quality and high-quality manufacturing under the aspect of cost efficiency, BÖWE has developed this new series for customers who are looking for quality at an affordable price.  Decades of experience and the high level of competence of BÖWE engineers are used in this series.

Thanks to this new design that uses a mix of implemented components used in the PremiumLine series (e.g. large loading door, round distillation, use of stainless steel components, drystat etc.) and re-newed unit blocks (e.g. conical and semi-automatic cleaning water separator (Perc models), slanted round air duct and new tanks), the iLine is a great solutions for many.

All iLine machines are equipped with FAG bearings and Viton® seals, stainless steel drum and pipes, BÖWE Kontiflex, high-quality condenser made of stainless steel AISI 316, accessible refrigeration unit with Copeland scroll compressors and a German sensor for capacitive, volume-controlled drying control (BÖWE drystat). The cataphoresic coated cooler and back plate of the housing are an additional quality feature. Robustness, high-quality manufacturing coupled with optimized technology and the long experience of BÖWE engineers guarantee a long lifetime of the iLine dry cleaning machines.

Robust and High Quality

  • Excellent cleaning results
  • Great care of garments for significantly longer textile life
  • Lower machinery cost – cleaning, extraction and drying in one operation
  • No trouble with special finishing like waterproofing, flame retardant finishes etc.
  • Cooling water does not get into contact with solvent
  • Low operating cost
  • Low personnel cost
  • Easy maintenance thanks to large openings, lint filters and relocated drive motor and cooling unit


Free programmable, multi language control with colour touch screen display. The device is ready for PC software connection with built-in USB port that enables the cleaning programs to be copied onto a USB stick.

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