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43.2282.34 sis. KM

Multi-enzymatic scented detergent with White Musk for white and colourful garments.
Wide spectrum of activity against all stains.

  • It effectively eliminates stains, even the most difficult ones.
  • Multi enzymatic system with protease, amylase, lipase and cellulase.
  • Super concentrated surfactants for a degreasing effect.
  • Phosphate, silicate and alkali free.
  • White Musk fragrance.


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How to use

HygienFresh® BioMusk can be used on all natural or synthetic fabrics both washing by hand and in the machine.

The unique enzymatic formula means that it cleans even at low temperatures against the toughest stains. Washing at low temperature reduces energy consumption, prevents colours fading and reduces damaged to garments fibres.