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ColorBlok – Single Dose

Additive that prevents the redeposition of colour.
150x50ml boxes

  • It prevents colour transfer during the washing cycle.
  • It avoids the redeposition of non-fixed colour during the wash.
  • Practical single-dose for self-service launderettes.


Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

Additional information

Weight 8.32 kg

How to use

Add ColorBlok to the detergent or directly in the drum. In the case of washing cycle with pre-wash avoid the direct use in the drum but divide the quantity in the compartment of the pre-wash detergent with the one of the main wash detergent. ColorBlok is compatible with all detergents and is effective in the washing cycle. In case of clothes that have never been washed and/or that have very bright colours, it is better to double the dose.

Dose for 8/13 kg of clothes.