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D4 Protein 500ml

Specific spotting agent for dry cleaning and laundry for stains of blood, eggs, milk, ice-cream, to be used in pre-spotting.
Enzymatic product with dissolving effect on the stain.
Stains are usually composed of various elements, so it’s often necessary to use different products to complete the stain elimination process. If you have a doubt about the composition of the stain, start with D4 – Proteiche and do not use steam, to avoid fixing the stain.



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Weight 0.55 kg

How to use

For stains that have been identified, see D line spotting table in order to follow the correct sequence of spotting agents to avoid fixing stains.


1. Wet the stain with some water.

2. Apply some drops of pure D4 on the stain.

3. Let the product act for 15-30 seconds and use a brush or a scraper if necessary.

4. Rinse with plenty of water and dry with compressed air.

5. Repeat the treatment if necessary.

Warning: try the product on a hidden part of the fabric before using it.