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Duvet, Delicate, Wool – Single Dose

Liquid detergent for delicate, wool and feather garments such as duvets, anoraks etc. It has a degreasing, and antistatic effect.
100x100ml boxes

  • Excellent degreasing effect also with cold temperatures
  • Delicate on colours and garments
  • Anti-felting effect
  • It contains polymers which protect and help feather to regain their volume
  • ”Buffer” technology to avoid wrong dosages and maintain correct wash parametres
  • It cleanses and avoids feathers damages


Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

Additional information

Weight 10.47 kg

How to use

Pour the content of the sachet into the appropriate compartment. Dose for 8/13 kg of garments.

To have an extra clean and hygiene use it along with Oxon Single dose.