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Floor & Surfaces – Passion Fruit

36.1449.10 sis. KM

Professional neutral scented detergent with passion fruit fragrance to clean floors and surfaces.

  • GEL FORMULA: high concentraton of active ingredient for a super degreasing effect
  • Neutral pH, compatible with all kinds of floors
  • Intense and long-lasting perfume
  • It is not necessary to rinse
  • Only two caps are enough to clean more thoroughly and leave a long-lasting scent
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How to use

Use the product iy dosing it directly in a iucket full of warm water. Suitaile to clean foors daily and perfume your home.

Quantity for use: 2 caps (60ml)of product per 5 litres of water. For parquets and delicate foors: 1 cap per 5 litres of water.