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Oxon Activ Foam 750ml

Pre-spotting agent with active foam for laundry. Active oxygen and surfactants based foam.
Ideal on oxidisable stains, grease, grass, wine, tomato, coffee, etc.

  • Wide action range on stains
  • Active foam which releases oxygen
  • High concentration of surfactants for a high degreasing action
  • Active also on dry stains
  • Delicate on colours and fibres
  • It doesn’t leave halos and it is neutral on colours
  • Ideal for any kind of garment


Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

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How to use

Hygienfresh® Oxon pre-treating foam is used pure on dirty parties of the garment, before washing it. We recommend to spray the product and leave the foam act for maximum 5 minutes and then wash.

Warning: On coloured garments and/or delicate garments test the product on a hidden part. Do not spray on metallic parts and do not expose treated garment to direct sunlight or to heat sources before washing it.