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Secure Color

Professional colour absorbing sheets.

  • high performances
  • easy to use
  • excellent absorbency with all temperatures
  • low incidence on wash costs
  • 1 sheet for a 8kg washing machine


Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

How to use

1) Place a single SECURE COLOR sheet at the bottom of the drum before adding the laundry

2) Add the clothes and detergent and wash as normal.

3) Carry out the desired washing cycle

4) At the end, remove the sheet and put in non-recyclable waste.

Warning: Always follow the instructions on garments labels and the instructions of your washing machine. In case the quantity of the lost colour is excessive it is necessary to increase the number of sheets. The efficiency of the sheets is not guaranteed if the number of sheets used is not suitable. You have to wash new coloured garments separately for at least 4/5 times. At the end of the wash hang and dry garments as soon as possible. After the 1st wash sheets can’t be re-used. Avoid use the sheets at temperatures more than 60°.