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Top Degreaser 750ml

Universal degreaser with professional effectiveness.
Super effective spray to remove stains and clean all surfaces and fabrics thoroughly:

• It eliminates grease, stubborn dirt and oil stains.
• Triple action stain remover.
• Super-concentrated and hyper-degreasing surfactants.
• Easy and quick to use.
• Ideal for ovens and stoves, grills and hotplates, worktops and shutters, bicycle and car gears…
• Also suitable to remove stains from fabrics.



Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

Additional information

Weight 0.77 kg

How to use

Use it pure on surfaces or on the dirty parts of clothes:

• Surfaces: spray the product and leave it act for some minutes and remove afterwards with a cloth or rinse.

Warning: avoid spraying on screens or delicate surfaces.

• Fabrics: spray the product and leave it act for a maximum time of 15 minutes and then put the fabric in the washing machine and

start the wash.

Warning: in case of use on fabrics try the product on a hidden part before the application.