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We changed our name and our brand

Why change established name?

Kaupleja OÜ has been operating since 2013, providing a full service for professional laundries. Covid-19 gave us an opportunity to think ahead and as a successful company, we have to consider expanding our operations. Thus, we started reviewing our brand – what do we do, why, how and for who? Does the expected development support our former decisions or do we need to change something?

As the brand represents your company, we began by mapping current situation from the clients’ viewpoint – what do they value and appreciate in our service, what could be improved and what makes them happy. We used online customer survey platform Kliendiuuringud.ee to carry out interviews with our clients and received input for new brand strategy. That resulted in a clearer picture of the value we bring to the market and how to reach our targets when entering other markets. We then realised that our name may become an obstacle and we needed a new name related to our activities, easy to say in different languages and easy to remember.

That is how Lavanno was born.

What does LAVANNO mean?

Kaupleja OÜ continues to cooperate with Italy – we import washing machines and accessories. Thus, we wanted to establish an association with Italy – Laverò means “I will wash” in Italian and the ending “-anno” refers to Estonian owner of the company – Risto Pranno. New name is also easy to pronounce and remember.

Visual story

The last remaining step was the design. We asked the design company Kuukukk Disain to help us, and they used our brand strategy and competition analysis and started to work on the design.

Our visual image was also aimed at finding a bold and distinctive style. Minimalist geometric illustrations and logo stand for professionality and consideration, while balancing bold fonts and colours. Blue colour is commonly used for products in the laundry industry. For our logo, we chose purple, which represents the professional aspect, mixed with pink, which represents our warm communication and friendly attitude highlighted by our clients as one of our strengths.

In conclusion, our company’s new identity was a logical next step and brought new life in everything we plan to do. We hope that our clients will welcome and accept our new image.

lavanno koduleht

lavanno visiitkaart

Kaisa Kukk, author