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Antiacidin 5kg

Acid neutraliser and prevents decomposition of perchloroethylene stabiliser.

  • It is ideal for solvent treatment above all in the new closed circuit system where to a low consumption of perc it follows its high exploitation.
  • During distillations prevents the formation of bad odours that will accompany solvent during washes.
  • Prevents and avoids the corrosion of most delicate parts of the dry cleaning machines.
  • It doesn’t create problems into the separator and into the purification plants of the contact water, on the contrary it keeps water as part of a range of excellent acidity in order to not affect the function of the cleaning device.
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Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

Additional information

Weight 5.31 kg

How to use

In normal operation put into the distillation unit 10 grammes of ANTIACIDIN per every Kg of load of the dry cleaning machine.

ANTIACIDIN can be added also along with the filter powder in order to treat the solvent not only during distillation but during all washing stages.

ANTIACIDIN has to be put again in every cleaning into the distillation unit. In machines with continuous distillation the effect of ANTIACIDIN lasts for about 15 distillations.