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Certisan DRY 2x5kg

Highly professional hygienising detergent for perchlorethylene washing.

  • Dry-cleaning detergent with an antistatic and hygienising effect
  • The active ingredients guarantee a deep and long-lasting hygienising effect
  • It effectively eliminates bad smells
  • It eliminates the annoying electrostatic effect
  • It makes ironing easier
  • Suitable for any type of fabrics
  • No foaming in the distiller
  • Intense fragrance of freshness


Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

Additional information

Weight 10.5 kg

How to use

Certisan Dry has to be used when the machine is full, in the second bath, dosing it in the button trap or with automatic dosing. In the washing programme exclude the passage in the filters and in the filtering system.

Quantity for use

Continuous Distillation: 6 – 8 ml of product per Kg of clothes.

Manual Distillation: 12-15 ml of product per kg of clothes in the first wash with clean perchloroethylene. 5 ml per Kg of clothes in the following washes without distillation.

It cannot be used for pre-spotting.