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Expo Tarmacid

Display containing 12 Tarmacid Moth and Mite sprays.
Each display is made up of 6 Fiori di Provenza sprays and 6 Fresh Laundry sprays.

The real moth and mite repellent in spray.
It eliminates moths and mites and releases a pleasant fragrance.
Tarmacid: professional, complete and certified efficacy

  • It eliminates adult moths, larvae and eggs
  • It eliminates dust mites
  • Moth and mite killer tested and approved by the Minister of Health
  • It releases a delicate perfume
  • Active principle and long lasting fragrance
  • It protects garments and fabric in wardrobe and drawers

Registration n. 20396 of the Italian Minister of Health


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Weight 4.5 kg

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