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Hydro Repellent 2x5kg

Waterproofing agent with nano-technologies effective at low temperatures.

  • Waterproofing effect without using high temperatures
  • Nano-technologies formula: cross-linking and waterproofing even drying at room temperature
  • Waterproofing effect which resists also at subsequent washes
  • Hydrophobic effect on all water based stains (such as wine, drinks etc.)
  • It maintains garments breathability
  • Effective on both natural and synthetic fibres
  • It doesn’t affect colours, leave a pleasant touch and it doesn’t grease
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Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

Additional information

Weight 10.5 kg

How to use

Hygienfresh® Hydrorepellent has to be used in the last rinse, with a limited water level and a low spin cycle (less than 600 RPM).

1. Wash garments normally,

2. Use in the first rinse 2-3ml of Acetic Acid 24% in order to improve the waterproofing effect and eliminate detergent residues.

3. Add 10-15 ml/litre of water Hygienfresh® Hydrorepellent in the last rinse. In case of very absorbent garments ( such as sponges or cotton) slightly increase the dosage of +3-5ml/litre.

4. Centrifuge at low speed, less than 600 RPM.

Dry at room temperature or in the dryer (avoid temperatures higher than 120°C). By using a dryer and increasing the drying temperature, you will promote the cross-linking and you will increase the hydro-repellent effect.

Do not use Hygienfresh® HydroRepellent with a spray or with nebulizers.