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Industrial washing machine Grandimpianti GWH80 (8kg)

Our new professional GWH Wavy washing machines are completely renovated in the design and the user interface, but quality, mechanical features and performance are always the same. Now the LCD display is vertical and touchscreen, the shiny fronts are inspired by the hi-tech field and give preciousness to the equipment and, finally, the innovative control system Wavy is simple, interactive, multi-level and up to date thanks to the TheMind.cloud service.


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      Recyclable and eco-friendly equipment

      These new high-spin washing machines are, of course, equipped with our patented dynamic weighing system DWS which allows to save up to 50% of detergents: optimizing energy, water and detergents according to the real amount of laundry loaded, the system is in able to reduce waste and environmental impact.

      They’re also guarantee a 96% of recyclable rate and, for this reason, are really eco-friendly. Thanks to a careful selection of materials (es. Skinplate) the washing machines have low environmental impact in every stage (production, packaging, carry, operating, final disposal).

      New loading capacities

      We’ve changed the measurement of load capacity, we use the drum volume instead of kilograms, but the models available are always six (from 75 to 280 liters). Unchanged, however, is the quality of the materials used: stainless steel drum with a special hemispheres structure to assure a gentle touch on tissues, high number of holes for a fast discharge of water (8% of the inner surface) which brings the percentage of moisture of the fabric up to 42% at the end of the spin cycle, springs and shock absorbers which absorb the vibration, guaranteeing a low mechanical and acoustic stress

      Professional cleanliness of fabrics

      In a fully renovated design, the 4 compartments dispenser for powder or liquid detergent is ergonomically placed and easy to reach. The machines also maintain the double hot and cold water inlet system for each compartment. Here are also installed three inlets for hot, cold freshwater and hard water: the three types are mixed autonomously and automatically.

      The new high-spin equipment have, of course, a MIXER that combines water and detergent before the contact with the clothes to prevent damages or discoloration and a motorized discharge valve, diameter from 3 “(76 mm), located on the front of the equipment and directly under the tub avoiding any risk of detergent and water sedimentation cused by a long and bulky tube.

      Smart washing machines safe in every stage

      The safety devices on in this new range of equipment are double and redundant such as on airplanes. There are also many other sensors, all connected to the low voltage safety board (24 Vac): no risk of electric shock, even during the maintenance. Furthermore the machines have a porthole equipped with a safety system which keeps it closed and locked until the complete stop of the drum rotation and it operates at 24VAC, so there isn’t any risk for the operator. Finally, our devices are all equipped with switch and fuses on board, with a considerable saving of time and money in the installation phase.

      Intelligence at your fingertips

      The revolution of the new range of GWH Wavy is the brain of the machine, the new control system named Wavy, and the innovative TheMind.cloud service. Wavy is a user friendly, interactive and touchscreen interface that provides information about the programming and the operating of the machine according to the users experience. Procedures are simple, Step-by-Step and everything is dosed on the users (beginners/occasional, expert/professional, technical).

      Due to the TheMind service the equipment is always up to date and everything is under control: know-how, processes and diagrams, control and diagnostics, no tax accounting, costs management and telecare service. Everything is just a click away!

      Technical Data

      MODEL GWH80
      Capacity ratio 1:10 kg 8
      Drum volume (L) 80
      Dynamic weighing DWS JES
      Mechanical and electronic JES
      imbalance control
      Spin (rpm) / G Factor 1165 / 400
      Noise level (dB) ˂65
      Control / Display Wavy / LCD touchscreen
      Cloud access and remote maintenance over Wifi JES
      Washing programs Unlimited
      Payment systems Mechanical coin meter / Electronic coin meter / Central payment unit / Other systems on request
      Heating power (kW) 06.sept
      Motor power (kW) 1,14
      Electric power supply 380-415V 3N 50/60Hz
      Weight (kg) 190
      Porthole diameter (mm) 330
      Dimensions (mm) 710 x 660 x 1130
      Water connections Hard/soft/hot 3/4
      Drain 3″ gravity
      Soap connection JES 13 signals
      UR percentage 43÷47%
      * Consumption figures a washing cycle composed of a washing phase at 60°C, 3 rinse phases and a final full power spin, corresponding to a load equal to a nominal capacity with a 1:10 ratio, of towels cotton fabric weighing 420g/m2 with dimensions of 60cm x 90cm.
      Water per cycle (L) 71,1
      Power consumption kWh 1,563
      Cycle length (min) 55
      Detergents 100%
      Water per cycle (L) 49,5
      Power consumption kWh 1,158
      Cycle length (min) 50
      Detergents 70%
      Water per cycle (L) 35,5
      Power consumption kWh 0,888
      Cycle length (min) 45
      Detergents 50%